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  • Jocabed Torres Bernal

    Jocabed Torres Bernal

    UC Berkeley Class of 2021, Political Science, Libertarian

  • Jacob MacLeod

    Jacob MacLeod

    Writing opp-packs and smoking opp-eds. Or did I get that mixed up?

  • Trevor Mauk

    Trevor Mauk

    Undergraduate Student at The University of California, Berkeley; studying U.S. History.

  • Joseph Knight

    Joseph Knight

    Hello World! Is it me you're looking for? Hobby programmer, office drone, downstanding denizen.

  • Amaljith S Reghunath

    Amaljith S Reghunath

    Senior Software Engineer @ Aspire Technologies

  • Denny Han

    Denny Han

    Foreign policy enthusiast; UC Berkeley political science graduate. linkedin.com/in/dth97

  • Rogério da Silva

    Rogério da Silva

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